COVID-19 hit us hard - we need your help to keep going.




We desperately need your help. While the boathouse operated on a limited basis within COVID-19 policies this summer to fulfill our mission with youth and adult programming, the financial losses have been substantial.

Unfortunately, two of our usual get-togethers and fundraisers were cancelled. We lost hosting the Raffle of the Year and the Erg-a-thon, which together bring in nearly $50,000 annually.

Every year, each person involved in a class or session at the boathouse has the potential of undergoing a life-changing experience. This summer, the boating program provided a day camp experience to 650 youth, involved 122 middle- and high-schoolers in rowing and even got a new sailing team on the water. As a local organization, we coped with the restrictions of the pandemic, explored opportunities and tried to make the best of the situation.

We are turning to you, our family and friends, to help us with a financial donation at this time. Many of you have bought raffle tickets or pledged funds toward a rower’s goal distance on the ergometer. Your continued support at this time is critical to our remaining open through the end of the year and to begin next season.

A gift of $50, $100 or $250 will help us meet budget shortfalls caused by restrictions on activities outside of our control. Please consider making a contribution to our program either by using the enclosed envelope or go online at and click on the COVID-19 Appeal icon to give electronically. Please take immediate action to help us move forward.

Thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness. Of course, we hope to bring back our typical programming. Until then, we will continue to persevere and be an important resource for the Greater Lawrence community.


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Jed Koehler, Executive Director

Chris Rines, President, Board of Directors