Our fleet includes more than 125 watercraft which will all be available to you! From sailboats to canoes, kayaks to windsurfers and paddleboards, GLCBP has an expansive fleet for all current members to enjoy. Just some of our fleet:

25 Sunfish Lateen Rig Sailboats

30 Cape Cod Mercury Sloop-Dinghy Rig Sailboats

6 Club 420 Sailboats (Sailing Team Use Only)

2 Tanzer 14' Sloop-Dinghy Rig Sailboats

An O'Day 14' Sloop-Dinghy Rig Sailboat

3 O'Day 16' Sloop-Dinghy Rig Sailboats

4 White 14' Sloop-Dinghy Rig Sailboats

2 Hobie Catamarans

A Rhodes 19' Sloop Rig Sailboat

A Rhodes 18' Sloop Rig Sailboat

A Com-Pac 16' Fractional Rig Sailboat

A 24ft Islander Bahama Masthead Sloop Rig Sailboat

2 22' Catalina Masthead Sloop Rig Sailboats

A 21' Cal Fractional Sloop Rig Sailboat

20 Canoes

20 Kayaks

4 Aluminum Rowboats

4 Dory Rowboats

14 12ft Paddleboards

All boats are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Craft maintenance may prevent all boats from being on the water at the same time.

The Fleet